Flash-Off Heater to Dry Waterborne Finishes



System Description

The California Pulse heater is an option for our waterborne air drying system.  It is primarily designed for non heated spray booths.  The system will give a 30F-40F temperature rise in about 10 minutes.  It will raise a 60F-70F spray booth air temperature to about 100F. 


The addition of heat shortens flash-off times significantly.  The system is also very advantageous in climates where relative humidity levels are high.  Raising spray booth temperature during flash-off helps to minimize the negative effect of high humidity on flash-off times.


The heating element is installed in front of the blower.  We heat the pressurized air from our blower and deliver it into the spray booth cabin through the corner towers.  The blower takes air from the spray booth cabin.  Since we are recirculating the cabin air, system operation is very efficient. 


Cost of Operation

The heater is a 20Kw electric duct heater.  If the cost of 1Kwh electricity is $0.1 then the cost of heater operation for an hour is only $2.0.  The cost of a 10 minute flash-off cycle is around $0.3.


System Components

The system includes the following components

-  intake filter

- all ducting

- duct insulation

- 2 HP blower

- pulsing mechanism with pneumatic actuators

- 2 Slim Towers for the intake end of the booth

- 2 Original Towers with pneumatic doors for the exhaust end of the booth

- purge timer

- UL listed control panel including all interlocks required by NFPA 86

- 110V compressed air solenoid valve (supplied by dealer/installer)

- spray booth door switches (supplied by dealer/installer)

- VFD for the exhaust motor (supplied by dealer/installer)


System Specifications

Blower motor (2HP): 6.3A @ 208V (available in all voltages)

Control panel: 0.5A @ 110V

Heating element: 50A @ 230V (20Kw)


System Layout

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