Waterborne paint drying through directional turbulence

California Pulse, Inc. manufactures waterborne paint drying systems for paint booths.  Our waterborne paint drying system is completely universal.  It can be retrofitted into any spray booth.  

The basis of our waterborne paint drying system is a pulse based turbulence creation technology.  We call it directional turbulence because turbulence travels within the secondary air flow of the nozzles.  We do not blow air in a continuous stream.  We start and stop the air flow coming from the nozzles every few seconds inside the spray booth. 

In order to neutralize the negative effect of humidity on waterborne paint drying, we developed the Perfect Air temperature controller.  Perfect Air controls the evaporation rate of water.

We have several patens pending on our technologies.  Unlike many other waterborne paint drying systems found in the spray booth industry today, our technology is solidly grounded in scientific theory.  We actually measure turbulence during our product testing process to be able to create unparalelled performance and the highest level of energy efficiency.

Besides having the best and most energy efficient technology, our system is the best fit for spray booths where corner sprace is limited.  The innovative Stealth Towers will fit into 4.6" corners! 

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